All on this page were taken on Pentax digital & Canon G11 cameras in raw & jpeg format. All were processed in photo editing software.  

A popular location but taken with a dramatic Sky
Whilst at a War memorial I observed the shadow forming a silhouette of a face.
View from Derwent House grounds
Wandering through woods I saw a fly land on a sunlit leaf and I just managed to take a few photos of it before the fly fell off the leaf
Dandelion growing between the pavingstones.
Bee caught resting over night on a buddleia.
View from the South Downs, East Sussex.
A view down the River Rother East Sussex in full flood
Reflections of shopping trolly's in flooded supermarket car park.
A Temple to a Grandaughter was the inscription on the plaque above the hearth.
Village Bonfire Society in November.
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